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SHEZ8GPCGZResolved issue where creating a Notes Link like notes:// to a newly created database used to result in an error until the database was opened by the...
YLJA844ACWUpdated default import and export character set for Notes on the Mac to UTF8 to ensure proper preservation of extended characters. As of 8.5.3, the...
MLUR877QJ3Fixed an issue with the Notes client where a "File does not exist" error would be presented when launching Notes in a disconnected mode. This was...
MLAT88VL7UFixed a problem in Notes Client on Linux where clicking within the scroll bar to scroll one page in some views would result in the view scrolling all...
YLJA88TB7XFixed an issue where Notes would crash when resizing the All Calendar Entries view.
OIHZ893RHKFixed a problem when using @Command(EditProfile) or the NotesUIWorkspaceEditProfile method in a button. When a Notes basic user clicked on the...
JYUN837493Fixed an issue where the "Applications" folder sometimes displayed with the name "Databases" in the "Add Bookmark" dialog box.
SSZG87ZAH6Fixed a intermittent problem on the Linux client where exiting Notes while background replication was running would sometimes cause a...
MKRT88TP4UFixed several accessibility issues related to the Notes Client Help.
YLJA86VAHYFixed a problem in the Notes Mac client where Notes was incorrectly tracking the mouse cursor even when not in the foreground.
ZHLI85E4LSFixed a problem in Notes Mac Client when executing AppleScript with the document parameter "editdocument," an error "Notes got an error: Error #...
RHOE88VLLKAn issue has been fixed where dragging and dropping bookmarks from the Bookmark Bar to a Workspace tab results in a blank Workspace...
AEDS8ACV9CFixed a problem where policy updates that occur before the client is completely logged in were not propagated in a timely manner.
IFAY8ADBDLFixed an issue on Redhat where some menus would display the wrong language after uninstalling 8.5.2. The fix prevents the 'Send To Lotus Notes'...
RKRY88AKBJFixed an issue where the view was automatically being rebuilt when creating a new folder.
OIHZ7R7QCQThe issue has been resolved where the first time you click the view button it may update the view but if you continue to toggle between the views,...
CJSN87SQD2Fixed an intermittent client crash during Sametime login.
VNTR84X9SKFixed an issue where not all values in the "Assigned To" column were being exported when choosing to export the "Export All To Do" view to a .csv...
JTHN7VYSDAFixed a problem where mail documents were selected but the "Add Bookmark" dialog did not provide an option to bookmark the document.


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